Giấy monitor sản khoa Bionics 114 x 30 BFM-900


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Sa*** These are pretty good wraps. Better than most, but not the best. I had bought these as a replacement for some gangsta wraps I lost and for the most part they are a good replacement. They are a little bit shorter than the gangsta wraps, and just a little bit more flexible/less stiff.
Hector F*********** I don't usually endorse brands. But I must say I love my new Tuff villain wrist wraps. I bought the 30 inch model wraps on Amazon, and after using them once I have no complaints. They are by far the best wrist wraps Ive have ever owned. Very good quality, I can secure them with one hand and they offer me enough support on my wrist to not cut off circulation, although I can make them tighter. Very happy with my purchase. Thanks
S** I’ve tried many wrist wraps and these are one of the best , they are just as good as the gangsta wraps from Mark bell. I highly recommend them.
B *** These are very comfortable and durable
Vaness******** Excellent set of wraps. They provide way more support than others I have tried. On my second set. (My first set grew legs in the gym one day and walked off....I guess they are that good)

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