Giấy điện tim 6 cần Fukuda Denshi FX7202 110 x 140 x 200 Edan SE-601 (Sọc đỏ)


Thông tin sản phẩm.

+ Giấy in kết quả máy điện tim

+ Giấy điện tim 6 cần Fukuda Denshi FX 7202, Edan SE – 601 (sọc đỏ).

+ Kích thước: 110 mm x 140 mm x 200 sheet.

+ Quy cách: Xấp.

+ Nước sản xuất: Ý.

Ch** I got this almost as soon as I confirmed the purchase it seemed. Simply a great idea and great design. The compression sox is high quality and the sleeve that hold the ice for post-workout use does a great job of keeping everything in place but is NOT too tight. If you have any kind of inflammation problems in feet, ankles or shins, this will help big time. The seam on my left sock was falling apart on my first use. Not the end of the world. I wrote to 110% via email and I had a replacement sock within 36 hours. The customer service, in this day and age, is unbelievable.
Amy ***** I got these to use for a multi-day running event (Dopey Challenge), and they worked great. Icing your calves after a long run definitely helps to reduce the inflammation and speed the recovery. I used them after doing a half marathon and did a full marathon the next day with no soreness! I think these definitely played a big role in minimizing the soreness (along with drinking tart cherry juice). My only complaint is that the insulated zip case they came with to store the ice packets gets pretty funky smelling from the moisture from the ice packs and it is difficult to clean it out. I think in the key is to just put the ice packs in a ziploc bag before putting them in there. I also had a few of the ice sheets that didn't work properly - they didn't absorb any water and puff up like they were supposed to. I plan to contact 110% to see about returning/exchanging those.
Shawn******* I really love the products from 110 Percent. I have these plus the Men's Juggler Compression Knicker (B009IHU0LK) and a pair of the Flat Out socks (B009IHU5TC). The ice pockets is what separates the 110% products from others. The ice was really great after a long hard day of snowboarding. My boots were bothering me during my trip, which triggered some shin splints and general soreness in my lower legs. I would ice down with these each evening and be ready to go up the mountain again the next day.
j* If you run, do yourself a favor and buy this. The socks are great and the sleeves for placing ice packs are genius! This will change how you recover from your long runs. I do not enjoy an ice bath and i find these socks with the ice is a awesome replacement.
Amazon******** Great price and pretty fast shipping considering my size wasn't prime eligible. Have used this product before and it really cannot be beat, fantastic for normal run recovery and injuries. Only complaint is I didn't get the color I ordered, and not a fan of the white overdrive sleeve at all. Whatever, I am injured and they feel great and I saved $60!
Em** Great for post run recovery! The ice fits perfectly in the compression sleeve.
Jeff***** it works well
Angi****** Great investment for runners.

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